Carpets are something extraordinary things that will enrich the interior décor of the houses. People want to decorate their homes with proper designing and finishing. Dubai is the ultimate destination for carpets. There are many carpet shops in UAE. But Fuad Carpets Trading is the best carpet shop in UAE. There you can get the biggest and big collections that are exclusive and unique. Carpet is basically a perfect blend of color, luxury, style and craftsmanship. You can easily get there the high-class, superior quality and vibrant colors. They are the best one who will offer you the exclusive and handmade Persian carpets.

The Best Carpet Shop in UAE Services:

Fuad Carpets Trading offers many services to the customers.

Transport service:

They will offer you the complimentary transport service to the customers. They will go to your house in order to show you the exclusive range of carpets. You can choose the one according to your preferences. There are many varieties irrespective of style, design, size and color.

Carpet washing service:

Carpet is a valuable one. It is important to keep the carpet washed and clean. Fuad Carpets Trading is the best carpet shop in UAE who provide you the carpet weaving and repairing services. Their washing service will take your carpet from your house in order to repair and clean. They will clear any kinds of stain and repair any kinds of rotten carpet. So you don’t need to worry for dirt and spots.

Local and international shipping:

They will offer the customers free packaging services for any kinds of items. They will not take any charges for local delivery in UAE. International shipping charges will vary in accordance to the customer’s preferences. In case of delivery, Fuad Carpets Dealer is the best carpet shop in UAE.

Handmade carpets:

There are many shops where you can get handmade Persian carpets. Fuad Carpets Dealer is the best carpet shop in UAE.

Qum carpets:

You can get any kind of handmade Qum carpets. These carpets come in any kind of colors and style. It offers beautiful colors and textures basically based on silk material. These are the finest and valuable handmade carpets in the market. There are many professional artists who made these beautiful and nice carpets.

Kashan Carpets:

Kashan carpets are made of silk, wool and cotton material. Kashan carpets come in red, blue and beige shades. This is the popular one among all. Throughout the generation, they have maintained the high-class quality, design and texture.

Tabriz carpets:

Tabriz is the second largest city of northern Iran. They are high-quality carpets and come with great variation in size. Handmade Tabriz carpets have three designs such as floral, fish and geometric.

Afghan carpets:

It is also a handmade carpet and made of fine wool from Afghanistan. These Afghan carpets have already won the international prize. They used to exhibit the man and animal figure with their beautiful artistry.

Old antique carpets:

Fuad Carpets Trading deals with old antique carpets. Many customers are there who really want the old antique carpets in their house. They want to represent those old antique carpets in order to enhance their status among all. This carpet, house finds the most unique and antique carpets for their customers. These are durable and long lasting carpets.

Samarkand carpets:

These carpets have more than 2500 years of notable history and beautiful artistic integrity. It adds more uniqueness and texture in your overall room setting. Samarkand carpets are made of some kind of special rugs in order to protect them from the harsh and complicated climate. This will add brightness and status in your comfortable spaces of rooms. This carries a great symbol of art and creativity. Fuad Carpets Trading is the best carpet shop in UAE who will offer you these kinds of unique carpets. You can learn more about all carpet types on website.

Carpets are undoubtedly the best option to decorate your room décor. It will enhance your room class and quality. But it is very difficult to maintain the carpet. You will have to take some special care about your carpets. Fuad Carpets Trading will offer you the cleaning service. You will have to contact with them in order to get the high-class service. Handmade carpets are now high on demands. The handmade carpets are the ultimate creation in order to furnish your rooms.

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