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Would you wish to make the floor of your room warmer? Well, the handmade Caucasian carpets or handmade Caucasian rugs will definitely come in hand for that. If you own small rooms, this is the carpet for you because most of them come in small sizes. The strongest market for these rugs is Italy, mainly because the rooms in Italy are primarily smaller than those in the USA. Italy also appreciates the various designs the rugs come in and the tradition. As the name suggests, the origin of these carpets is Caucus, which includes countries such as Kuba, Talish, shrivan and Baku in the east and others such as Kazak, Ghanjeh and Karabagh in the south west.

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Warm natural colors shades and strong designs are the common features of these handmade Caucasian rugs. If used with modern or antique furniture they will gine a new dimension of luxury to homes. The majority of Caucasian pile rugs have woolen warps and wefts. There are many kinds of Caucasian pile rugs relating to the places like Koba, Baku, Shirvan, Kazak, Karabakh and Azerbaijan.

In the regions mentioned above, the handmade Caucasian carpets were actually hand woven using woolen material which was actually bold geometric designs in primary colors. Traditionally, colors such as deep green, deep rose and vibrant yellow were the most precious. Handmade Caucasian rugs were mostly made in floral designs and natural dyes mostly extracted from roots, herbs and plants could be used. The designs and colors of the Caucasian rugs were unique because of the inherent geographic isolation and tradition that was more deeply rooted in Asia than anywhere else.

At times, one can find older antique carpets which are commonly in some new examples that have cotton wefts and wraps. For Shirvan oriental rugs, they have distinct wool wrapped threads made from selvedges and cotton weft threads which came in different colors such as red, white, blue and brown. On the other hand, color and number of selvedges can give identity of an area of origin. Other central Asian nomads such as the Uzbeks and Baluch made brighter and bolder varieties. Rather than floor rugs or carpets, most central Asian weavings were designed as decorative trappings and storage bags which made them diversify in their weaving.

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