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Isfahan is a city in central Iran, and was once one of the largest cities in the world. This city has a rich history. Handmade Isfahan carpets or Handmade Isfahan Rugs are known for their very high quality and nice design. They are woven in silk or wool on a or cotton or silk base.

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Historically known for their bold colors of blue and red, Isfahan Rugs now use more subtle colors which make them very popular worldwide. Common patterns are mostly symmetrical with a single medallion surrounded by curvilinear vines, palmettos and floral motifs. Other designs are of the tree of life and are from shah Abbas field.

Handmade Isfahan carpets are considered one of a kind and deserve much admiration. Not only they possess a superb quality, but they have also superficial designs because they are uniquely made by master artisans. They simply cannot be imitated easily because they have characteristics and qualities that make them far above from machine-made rugs.

Over the years, handmade rugs become very popular and among of the finest rugs, today are the Handmade Isfahan carpets. They are crafted with an excellent quality, made up of soft wool and very tight pile. The city of Isfahan in Persia was known to be the breeding ground of master artisans. They are very trained and talented that they produce rugs, that of great and utmost delicacy.

Handmade Isfahan rugs possess unique designs usually of elegant patterns of palmettoes, arabesque tendrils, and cloud-bands of blues, saffron golds, and magentas. These rugs are very balanced and symmetrical. They usually use whorls and palmettos to produce a single medallion. They come in different sizes, but most of the time they are in mid-size. The master weavers make use of silk wefts to handcraft these rugs but the earliest Isfahan rugs are made up of fine hand-spun cotton. These handmade rugs have luxurious designs and are made up of unique materials that were usually also used to produce garments.

These handmade Isfahan rugs are surely one of the things people of Iran should be proud of. They have the finest works and possess artistic styles to weave these truly unique rugs. They have emerged from time to time and are admired by people around the world which makes it very valuable. Because of the master weavers of Persia, the city was not only known for their astonishing mosques, palaces, bridges, fine art, metalworking and world-famous architecture. They also set a standard for making the most prolific Handmade Isfahan carpets that will forever be a trademark of the Persians.


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Handmade Isfahan Carpets or Handmade Isfahan Rugs Samples

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