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Kashan is a city in North West Iran. Handmade Kashan Carpets are made from silk on silk, wool on cotton or wool on wool. The colors of carpets from Kashan are mainly Beige, blue, or red shades.
Some Kashan carpets are weaved and have a diamond central medallion. Woven completely in silk, but most Kashan carpets are hard weaved and have a diamond central medallion, Kashan carpets are good value.

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No matter how expensive the handmade Kashan carpets, they never fail to charm millions of homeowners worldwide, who adore handmade carpets with the most perfect quality materials. The highest quality of Kashan carpets is also manufactured with silk, while the most common ones are made of cotton yarn.

There is no need to discuss further about the history of handmade Kashan carpets, as their popularity has been known for centuries. Kashan is the city where the carpet had its origin in the 15th century. Up to now, Kashan carpets still consistently keep their quality through generations. The city maintains local workers through centuries, in which the majority of those workers inherits the skills from their predecessors.

Unfortunately, a few people are not familiar about the distinguished advantages Handmade Kashan carpets. Many carpets also introduce floral patterns that imitate the original ones from Kashan. But, actually, Kashan carpets own special characteristics that experienced buyers know.

The first and the foremost thing to notice is its Certificate of Authenticity. Many e-commerce websites tend to sell fake Kashan carpets without this certificate.

Second, the original Kashan carpets mostly apply silk for the warp, though many carpets also apply cotton for both the warp and weft. The thickness of original handmade carpets is not less than 9mm.

However, it is important to notice that not all round-patterned Kashan carpets are originally handmade. Many manufacturers apply this pattern for their machinery made carpets.

For sure, these handmade carpets are the best for homeowners’ feet. They are very soft, and they are comfortable enough to sit on. Prices vary, though they are categorized as highly priced carpets, thanks to their top notch quality and unique design. They are not only favorable among homeowners in Mid-Eastern countries, but also European, US, and Canada. High level of maintenance is a necessity, so it is very crucial to read the manual cleaning instructions.

Here are some pictures to show you some samples of what we offer.

Handmade Kashan Carpets or Handmade Kashan Rugs Samples

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