Kashmiri Carpets

Handmade Kashmiri Carpets are hand-knotted carpets from the region of Kashmir. They are generally made with traditional patterns from Eastern and Asian civilizations. Handmade Kashmir rugs come in many different colors, sizes, and designs. They are generally considered as some of the most high-quality rugs on the market of the handmade rug carpets. All of these features make Handmade Kashmir rugs a great investment and a perfect addition to your home.

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Handmade Kashmiri Carpets take advantage of beautiful bright colors. Many of these colors are jewel themed and resemble jewel colors. These colors include emerald green, crimson red, sapphire blue, cobalt blue, pearl, and amethyst.

The creation of a Kashmir rug is a very long and painstaking process. Making a Kashmir rug usually takes 6 to 12 months. They are mainly made in a region in north India known as Srinagar and it is located in Kashmir. You will also find the production of Kashmir rugs in rural Kashmir. These rugs are available in all sizes. However, because the rugs are produced by hand, larger rugs are only available through custom orders and can take a longer time to produce.

Handmade Kashmir rugs represent old Kashmir tradition and social practices. They are a luxurious addition to your home and some would say that a home without a Kashmir rug is like a body without a soul. Each rug is a unique handmade piece of art and takes a very long time to complete even with the help of two weavers.

The rugs produced in Kashmir are generally created with patterns that are traditional and native to regions of the eastern hemisphere. Designs like the paisley, the tree of life, and the Chinar tree are very commonly used.

Furthermore, handmade Kashmir rugs are made out of incredibly fine and high-quality materials. They are usually made from pure wool and pure silk. Sometimes you can find a rug made with a blend of both pure wool and pure silk.


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Handmade Kashmiri Carpets or Handmade Kashmir Rugs Samples

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