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There are many kinds of handmade Kilim carpets or handmade Kilim rugs. Kilim differs from one another depending upon their regin or origin. Some are made by unbleached woolen warps and single unbleached woolen warps and single unbleached woolen wefts. In making kilim like Somac, Turkish techniques are used with unbleached cotton wefts and single natural woolen warps. Mashad kilim is like Somac, but it differs from other kilims with it is softer outer surface and colorful shades.There is no pile in kilim.

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Handmade Kilim rugs are flat weave rugs whereby the warp yarns are interwoven mostly using the slit weave technique. Handmade Kilim carpets are a word derived from Turkey that means textiles that are not piled up and have several uses. The textile is produced by a flat weaving technique. This kind of weaving is carried out in China, Iran, central Asia, Pakistan, Balkans, turkey.

Materials used in weaving handmade Kilim rugs

To make Handmade Kilim rugs, one requires a shuttle, loom, beating comb, a pair of scissors or knife. Sometimes one requires silk, animal hair and cotton that is mixed with wool. The golden, silver or any other decorative beads can be used.


There are several techniques used during weaving that has been admirably across the world. There are techniques such as knotted weaving, flat weave, slit weave with vertical, diagonal or interlaced linings.

Colors of handmade Kilim carpets

The handmade Kilim rugs come in different colors that are most attractive for consumers. Mostly, they come in different colors that have been combined together. The weavers obtain these colors from the natural sources of animals, minerals, and plants.

Sizes of handmade Kilim rugs

The Kilims come in different sizes depending on an individual’s preference. The sizes of these Kilims, therefore, determine their cost, making the big ones more expensive.

The patterns of the Kilim rugs symbolize certain historical beliefs of different people and communities. For instance, a certain pattern could indicate that one is protected from evil spirits.

Weavers of handmade Kilim rugs

Making Kilim requires one to be equipped as it requires one to have the weaving techniques that have different effects. The weavers are mostly found in the countries that practice this kind of weaving.

The Kilims have been well appreciated by people over the years due to the sense of warmth and beauty they create. The techniques used in weaving the handmade Kilim rugs make them durable and last longer compared to the other carpets.

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Handmade Kilim Carpets or Handmade Kilim Rugs Samples

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