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Handmade Nain Carpets or Handmade Nain Rugs are popular all over the wold. Nain is a small city located in Central Iran, east of Isfahan. Nain is a city with a long history. The city is famous for wool rugs. Some families concentrate on making carpets with extremely finely knotted pile and intricate designs.


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They are precise, delicate and as they are very beautiful they a favorite among carpets collectors. Excellent grades of wool and silk are used on foundations of fine cotton. Nain city has the distinct beautiful trademark of having the family name interwoven at the top of the carpets. Habibian is the most reputable family in Nain.

Colors of Nain carpets are mostly light ivory or white with light or dark blue or white with light or dark green. The carpets are made of the best wool, silk and cotton. Handmade Nain carpets are available in three levels based on the number of knots per square inch.

What crosses your mind whenever you hear the word ‘handmade’? Uniqueness and beauty. This is what the Handmade Nain Rugs are all about. Nain started developing due to production of the Isfahan carpets. In the mid 1930’s, Nain came up with its own original carpet style. This saw to the production of the Handmade Nain Carpets.

As a result of the high quality workshops in Nain, each Handmade Nain carpets is a masterpiece. Their major characteristic is their curvilinear patterns, with a medallion at the center. It is one unique and eye-catching feature. They are mostly light or dark blue and ivory in color. A red Nain carpet is very rare. They come in different sizes. However, most of them are mid-size with dimensions 4*6 to 8*10 feet. Large carpets can measure up to 10*18 feet.

The Handmade Nain Carpets are known for their fine high quality. Soft wool is the most common material used. Ivory silk is used to distinguish their designs. However, it is not uncommon to find an all-silk carpet. Silk has not been used extensively, until recently. The Persian knot is used for their weaving. This is done only by highly experienced artisans. There can be as many as 800 knots in every square inch, but the average number is 300.

The standard measure of the quality of a Handmade Nain Rugs is the LAA (meaning layers). It is determined by the total number of threads that form each fridge at the carpet’s end. It is the indication of price. Their denominations include 4LAA, 6LAA and 9LAA. The lower the LAA, the higher the price of the carpet. Nowadays, 4LAA carpets are rare. More knots per square inch and less LAA indicate a high quality Nain carpet.

The Handmade Nain Carpets are some of the finest carpets. They are an indication of class and elegance. So,expect to pay more for a handmade Nain carpet. However, the art and beauty is worth it.


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