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Carpets Dealer has handmade old antique carpets or handmade antique carpets. All of our carpets are specially selected by us. We select our antique carpets by travelling from house to house in Persian to find the most unique pieces for our customers. You are most welcome to call us or visit us and enjoy our collection of handmade old antique rugs or handmade antique rugs.

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We are popular in selling handmade old antique carpets. Our carpets and rugs are a blend of fashion and luxury. Many years of experience in carpets and rug market. This make us know what our clients are looking for. We stock a wide variety of fine quality, durable and long lasting carpets and rugs.

There are several factors you should consider to get the best from our online store. After deciding where you want to use the carpet in your home, then you will look for the size that fits you. Our handmade antique carpets come in different sizes and shapes. Common shapes are rectangle, runner, oval, round and square.

They are available in different materials like cotton, wool and silk. Go for the material you like most and one that is most suitable depending on where you want to use it. The sizes range from small to extra-large.

It is good you shop within your budget. Buy what you can afford and seek to get value for your money. Do a thorough online search and get the most suitable carpet.

Handmade antique rugs are available in different conditions like new and old. It all depends on what you like. Also, you can make your selection depending on the year the carpet was made. For instance, from 1900-1939.

You can also specify your desired style like children’s, contemporary and sheepskin. The carpets are a rich combination of craftsmanship and fashion. Select colors that match with your house theme color to bring harmonizing effects in your home. Every carpet has a background color. Select the best.

Depending on your region, find the most suitable handmade old antique rugs you want. There are different carpets and rugs designed for various regions.

Once you have identified the best, you can shop online and your products will be shipped right where you want them and on time. If you are near the store, you just click and collect. In case you have any queries, feel free to ask. Your order will be processed immediately payments are done. We assure timely and safe delivery for all our items.


Here are some pictures to show you some samples of what we offer.

Handmade Old Antique Carpets or Handmade Old Antique Rugs Samples

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