Pakistani Carpets

The ancient country of Pakistan has a four hundred years history of making Handmade Pakistani Carpets or Handmade Pakistani Rugs. The ancient city of Lahore was one of the most strategically important cities of North West India and often Central and Western Asis. The city prospered commercially and culturally under Mogul rule. After the independence from the British Empire in 1947 the Pakistani carpets industry began to grow steadily. They produced carpets which were finely knotted using special wool, silk and cotton. The carpets are of multiple colors and designs, of which Bukhara is one of the most famous. Turkomani designs are geometric in style and similar to Iranian designs.

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Pakistani carpets are a part of thrilling story which started many centuries ago. These carpets were the very first chairs, beds, and floor coverings. Pakistani carpets come in different qualities and design.

For many households, soft, Handmade Pakistani carpets were the most precious possession they’ve ever had. Carpet weaving is an integral part of Pakistani art and culture.

From precious antiques that once adorned palace grounds, to brilliantly colored shepherd’s carpets, old or new Pakistani carpets are a reminiscence of stories that becomes even more captivating with time.

Weave Type

The quality of Pakistani carpets may vary according to the region where it was woven. The types of knots present in Pakistani carpets are either Turkish or Persian knots. The quality of the weave and the thickness of the knots may vary from very sleek knots to average and lower quality carpets.

Size of Handmade Pakistan Rugs

Handmade Pakistan carpets are woven in different sizes, beginning with 3×5, 4×6, 6×9, 8×10, 10×13-14, there are also extra-large carpets.

Shape of Handmade Pakistani Rugs

Handmade Pakistani carpets are woven in different shapes such as round, rectangular, square, octagonal, hexagonal and oval.

Colors of Handmade Pakistan carpets

Pakistani carpets are available in all kinds of patterns and colors, blue, pink, yellow, violet brown and in just about any color you can think of

Material of Handmade Pakistani carpets

Wool is the major material used in crafting Handmade Pakistani carpets; wool is generally used for the carpet’s pile while pure cotton is used for the base. Pure wool is used for the very old carpets.

For a sleeker weave, many Pakistani carpets are crafted with silk pile while cotton is used for the base, though there are some others where everything is made of pure silk

Machine or hand weaved?

Just as the name suggests, Handmade Pakistani carpets are 100% weaved by hand; these hardworking weavers particularly the women sit at their looms and put in a lot of time to weave the carpets, knot after knot patiently.

Here are some pictures to show you some samples of what we offer.

Handmade Pakistani Carpets or Handmade Pakistani Rugs Samples

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