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First of all, it is possible to find Handmade Qum rugs or Handmade Qum carpets with almost any color you are looking for. Qum is mainly famous for weaving silk carpets. Qum is the holy city in northwest central Iran, It is 140 km south of Tehran. Designs in Qum are based on vase, garden, hunting, floral, dome, tree-of-life, medallion or pictorial images.


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These carpets are amongst the best quality due to the high level of expertise and the wide variety of beautiful patterns and colors and are usually %100 silk (basically silk on silk).

Handmade Qum Rugs and handmade Qum carpets are professionally made rugs that are created in Qum. Professional artists made these beautiful carpet. They are one of the finest valuable handmade carpets. They are authentic and classic rugs.

These rugs are possible to find in almost all colors you are looking for. They are mostly multi-colored in between the patterns. Different patterns have different color schemes. Weavers used color schemes that can suit different houses with different themes and styles.

Qum city is known for its professionalism to create silk carpets. Qum is a holy city in the northwest of central Iran. This city is one hundred and forty kilometers south of Tehran.

All designs in Qum are based on different things. They include vases, hunting, garden, dome, floral medallion and pictorial images. One can request his or her own pattern depending on personal taste and style.

These carpets are among the best and quality carpets. They have a wide variety of beautiful and amazing patterns and colors. These carpets are completely one hundred percent silk. Artisits used pure silk in the construction of Qum Carpets or rugs.

Handmade Qum carpets and Handmade Qum Rugs are made in different sizes. They are available in small, medium and large sizes. You should choose a Qum carpet that fits a room the way you desire.

Professional weavers experienced and knew their way around crafting silk carpets.

In conclusion, Qum carpets and rugs are professionally woven therefore they are durable and long-lasting. They have beautiful features which will make your house look outstanding and elegant. Therefore, hey used them in any house. They are affordable.

Handmade Qum Carpets and Handmade Qum Rugs are the best. They will look good in your house, whether it is a hot or cold season.



Here are some pictures to show you some samples of what we offer.

Handmade Qum carpets or Handmade Qum rugs samples

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