Tree of Life Rugs

Handmade Tree of Life Rugs from Qum is a holy town 140 km of Tahran. Here on finds the tomb of Shah Abbas (1586 – 1628) the great patron of carpet weaving. These carpets are very tightly knotted and the pile is mostly of silk. You can even find extremely fine carpets where both pile warp and weft are of silk. If the pile is wool there is often silk décor in the details.

Qum has a great variation of patterns, flowers, medallions, cypresses, hunting scenes vases and birds. The colors are often reddish brown, dark blue, orange of pink, but somewhere in the Qum carpets you almost always find the color of turquoise. Qum is a city which is famous for weaving silk rugs. Handmade Tree of Life Rugs is one of Qum city carpets types.
Here are some pictures to show you some Tree of Life Carpets samples of what we offer.

Handmade Tree of Life Carpets or Handmade Tree of Life Rugs Samples

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