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Weaving handmade runner rugs was an art invented several decades ago on the Central plains of Asia. They developed handmade runner carpets for the protection from the harsh climate so. Because they lived in a nomadic way of life. The material they required to make these handmade rugs came from their livestock.

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The nomads used Looms as their apparatus for making that fabric, which was made of two wooden ribs. The looms were secured to the ground at warp was then fastened between them, these horizontal looms are still used by the nomads till to date.

The handmade runner rugs or carpets are made from different colors and materials depending on the carpet and how it will grow. Most common known material that is preferred is sheep wool and silk even though sometimes other materials may be used. Weaving handmade runner carpets is available also in countries that grow cotton, which in the warp, twist and threads used for weaving runner rugs. Goat hair and silk materials are also used in the warp.

Design and patterns are the most significant things that you should consider when making the handmade runner rugs. When considering the best choice of pattern or the best design to use, you have to ask yourself first. Where and how will you use this carpet? This will help you choose from the available patterns and designs to suit the purpose of that handmade runner rug.

There are two patterns to choose from when making the rugs and these are Curvilinear figure patterns and geometric patterns. Curvilinear patterns is a design that contains fine curving lines. These lines are warped on the carpet this pattern decorate all over most carpets. Geometric patterns are patterns that are created by using straight lines running horizontally from one point to another. They are recognized by their shapes from geometry, can be Straight angles, diagonals, triangle in shape. Figure of patterns tend to portray images of people and animal, sometimes is often based on past history.

Handmade runner carpets are designed in different sizes from 60 by 40 to 600 by 400 depending on the demands of the clients. Please keep in mind that handmade carpet should be kept clean or should be cleaned always to maintain its durability.

Here are some pictures to show you some samples of what we offer.

Handmade Runner Carpets or Handmade Runner Rugs Samples

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