Samarkand Carpets

Handmade Samarkand Carpets or Rug reveals more than 2500 years of history and artistic integrity. It showcases the fine rug weaving tradition of Uzbek tribesmen. Its classic motifs are reminiscent of those created in the oasis towns of East Turkestan. Nourished by artisans who continually perfect their craft, it is now being recognized as a symbol of a great level of artistic creativity and quality.

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More than its core function of being a simple floor covering, rugs have several important uses, such as protecting floors, adding embellishment to the decor of your room, bringing color and brightness in your favorite spaces at your home.

Historically, nomads were using rugs as protection from harsh climate changes. It evolved from being a household necessity to become an outlet for artistic expression, which was then upheld as a status symbol of nobility.

The value of Handmade Samarkand Rug is measured by a number of factors such as the material used in its production, the number of knots per square inch, the saturation of the colors, and the intricacy of the details. It is deemed essential that the materials used are natural to ensure optimum durability with use.

The most important thing a buyer must understand about Handmade Samarkand Carpets is that the main material used in their making is wool and the dyes used are vegetables or natural. Unlike synthetic materials and dyes, the ones used in Persian rugs do not exude chemicals which can be considered toxic to the human body. Young children are the most affected by carcinogenic chemicals because they often play on the floor and are in direct contact with the toxic fumes. A lot of people opt for wall-to-wall carpeting because it is easy to maintain, however, they ignore the fact that the glues used for this sort of carpeting can release chemicals such as formaldehyde which is toxic. Due to its environmental and health benefits, the Persian rug is the best alternative to other types of carpeting.

Most antique Handmade Samarkand rugs and carpets are relatively oversized rugs. Samarkand rugs that are long and narrow are specifically woven for the Buddhist monks, for them to sit on side by side and to meditate.

What makes Handmade Samarkand rugs, eco-friendly is due to its handwoven nature, therefore having very little pollution when they are manufactured from materials that are renewable, therefore not disturbing any ecological balance. Not only are the rugs environmentally friendly, they are as well healthier than machine made rugs.

There are Handmade Samarkand rugs which are made with silk fibers. It is not completely out of the question to find antique Samarkand rugs that are crafted with metal-thread.

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Handmade Samarkand Carpets or Handmade Samarkand Rugs Samples

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