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Tabriz is the second largest city in Iran, situated in the north. The handmade Tabriz carpets from Tabriz are of high quality and have great variation in size. The pattern could be floral, vases, trees, hunting scenes or teardrop medallions. They use wool or wool/silk, the warp cotton or silk to weave Handmade Tabriz rugs.


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Normally have a high count of knots per square inch. Tabriz is typically known by having three designs: Floral (naqshe), Fish ( mahee), and Geometric (heriz). Handmade Tabriz rugs are beautiful and a worthwhile investment.

Tabriz a capital city of East Azerbaijan province in the north west of Iran. Tabriz is known for its handmade Tabriz carpets. The range of Handmade Tabriz rugs starts from 24 raj to incredibly 110 raj. Raj is the measurement of knot density.

Handmade Tabriz carpets are mainly made of wool and silk on cotton. These carpets are perfectly weaved by hand. The silk and wool they use are very much richer quality. For the strong fitness they use strings which are also made of silk and wool.

The handmade Tabriz rugs have many varieties like Herati / Mahi, Coumbat, pictorial and even 3d shaped carpets.
They use ornamental patterns to weave the carpets with a background color of cream, red and navy blue. But in some quality carpets the colors reach up to 250. Cheap carpets are often colored with chemical dye, but in the villages they use vegetable dye such as for red they use Root of Wild Madder, for green turmeric berries, for blue indigo plants etc.

Nowadays, many of the carpets are made by machines which are cheaper. Because of less time in production of the machines make the carpets cheaper while a handmade carpet takes months and sometimes years.

When we talk about sizes of Tabriz rugs there is no limit in length no restriction in width. But some of them are more than half centimeters in thickness. It can come in many shapes like round and square and rectangular. The small carpets are naturally sizes between 2 feet 1 inches in width and 2 feet 11 inches in height to 3 feet 4 inches wide and 5 feet in height. Large carpets are basically about 8 feet 2 inches in width and 11 feet and 5 inches in height and can be larger than this when it comes to a palace size.

Because of the city of Tabriz which is populated by the Azerbaijanis it could be said that they are mostly originated from the Persian culture.



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